Course Restriction Report

The Course Restriction Report is designed to give Unit Users a view of which courses have additional restrictions such as age, gender, rank, year at camp, or grade. Unit users should use this report for two functions.

  • Before adding people, review this report to ensure people are added with the proper restriction values. If a course has an additional restriction and a person is loaded without that restriction, the course will be excluded from the person's registration list.
  • Review the report during the registration process if a desired course is missing from the person's registration list.
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Executing the Report
  • Navigation: Unit User Menu - Course Restriction Report
  • The report will run based on the parameters selected in the session dashboard.
  • Optionally, parameters can be selected within the report to show information for a particular course.
  • The report can be printed or downloaded in a variety of formats from the report toolbar.
Example Report
Course Restriction Report