Course Application with Requirements Report

The Course Application with Requirements report is a combination of the Course Application and the Course Requirements Checklist. Its purpose is to allow users to print one application that is also prints a checklist on the application.

Executing The Report
  • Navigation: Unit User Menu - Course Application With Requirements
  • The report will run based on parameters selected in the session dashboard.
  • Optionally, parameters can be selected within the report to filter information for a particular course, person, or requirement type. Note: See section below on requirement type.
  • The report can be printed or downloaded in a variety of formats from the report toolbar.
Understanding The Requirment Type Parameter

The Requirement type parameter filters the report results based on Prerequisites, Requirements, or Post Requirements. It was designed because some organizations wish to only print certain information on this report, which is typically prerequisites. The course application and course requirements checklist reports can be ran if the result set is filtered in this report.  There are two ways to set the parameter.

  • An Application Administrator can set the XX_DEFAULTREQTYPE system parameter. Setting this parameter will filter the query used to generate the report. A unit user will not have control to filter the report.
  • A Unit User can enter one of the requirement types as a report parameter when running the report.

Given the below dataset, the report would work as follows:

  • The report is designed to display courses that have no requirements or requirments based on type.
  • If the requirement type is %, all requirements will be displayed in the results set.
  • If the requirement type is Prerequisite, Swimming and Art will be displayed because they have prerequisites.  Basketball will be displayed because it has no requirements.  Art and Law will be excluded from the result set because there are no prerequisites.
  • If the requirement type is Requirement, Swimming, Hiking, and Law will be displayed because these courses have requirements.  Basketball will be displayed because it has no requirements.  Art will be excluded because it only has prerequisites.
  • If the requirement type is set to Post Requirement, Law will be displayed because it has a post requirement.  Basketball will be displayed because it has no requirements.  Swimming, Art, and Hiking will be excluded because it has not post requirements.
Course Req Type Req Code Requirement
Swimming Prerequisite PR1 Must bring long sleeve shirt and jeans to camp.
Swimming Requirement 1 Must swim 200 meters without stopping.
Swimming Requirement 2 Must tread water for one minute wearing jeans and long sleeve shirt.
Art Prerequisite PR1 Must bring $8 for art kit.
Hiking Requirement 1 Must complete a five mile hike.
Hiking Requirement 2 Must demonstrate the needed items in a rucksak for a day hike.
Law Requirement 1 Explain the three types of government and how laws are made.
Law Post Requirement 10 After complete the course, visit a courtroom three times.  Write a one page summary applying the items learned at camp.
Basketball N/A   No Requirements in the system.
Example Report
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