Summer Camp Systems - Mass Addition Information and Templates

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Mass Additions Important Notes

  • Comma Delimited (csv) files are used to import data. Excel files (xls or xlsx) will not load correctly.
  • If excel is used to manage the file, file > save as > csv to save it as a csv file.
  • No commas (,) should be used in the imported data as it will interfere with the import. We suggest using semicolons (;) instead.
  • Ensure there are no blank lines at the bottom of the csv file. It is best to open it in a text editor to check.
  • When clicking the Process File button, only click it once. It may take several seconds to minutes for the program to begin processing.
  • There is a complete definition of each import program below.
  • If a value is unclear in the loader template, try looking at the defined values in the webpage. The values in the csv file should match what you see on the page.