Summer Camp Systems - Site Administration

This page provides the necessary settings for site administrators. In our documentation, administrators are segregated into two groups. However, we realize this may be the same person, we assume the following.

  • A Site Administrator typically works with the ISP to setup the hosting account. She or he has access to the ftp site where the application is stored and performs functions such as patching or retrieving log files.
  • An application administrator has the Admin role within the application. He or she performs functions such as system configuration, user maintenance, and initial setup.
Getting Started
  • Once a master services agreement has been signed and license fees paid, support will provide a copy of the application executables.
  • Site Administrators should work with their ISP to setup a hosting account to host the application.
  • Once the hosting account is setup, the application executables can be FTP'd to the hosting account. Each folder in the application executables zip file should be moved to the webserver with its contents.
  • The site administrator should create a logs folder and Uploads folder in the root directory of the application. These are used by the application during normal processing.
  • The site administrator should update the web.config file with local password requirements as well as database connection information.
  • The site administrator can update the logos for the application by following the instructions below.
Customizing Logos

The logos within the application can be customized as follows.

  • Logo.jpg - This file should be roughly 500 x 200 pixels, and it can be replaced in the images folder with your custom logo. This is the logo in the header page of the application. It will show on all pages within the application including the login page.
  • ReportLogo.jpg - This file should be roughly 100 x 60 pixels, and it can be replaced in the images folder with your custom logo. It is used to print on reports throughout the application.
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