Sub-Camp Information

Sub-Camps are a areas within a camp. They are used to segregate campsites for reporting purposes. At least one sub-camp is required.

  • Camp Admin - Sub-Camps
  • Organization and Camp must be selected.
  • Sub-Camp Code must be unique.
Sub-Camp Attribute Description
SubCampID Unique ID for the Sub-Camp
SubCampCode Unique Code for the Sub-Camp
SubCampName Sub-Camp Name
SubCampDesc Sub-Camp Description
OrganizationID Organization of the Sub-Camp
CampID Camp of the Sub-Camp
SubCampDirectorPersonID Person ID of the Sub-Camp Director.  For Future Use.
AsstSubCampDirectorPersonID Person ID of the Assistant Sub-Camp Director.  For Future Use.
Attribute1 Attribute1
Attribute2 Attribute2
Attribute3 Attribute3
Attribute4 Attribute4
Attribute5 Attribute5
Attribute6 Attribute6
Attribute7 Attribute7
Attribute8 Attribute8
Attribute9 Attribute9
Attribute10 Attribute10
ActiveFlag Activates or inactivates the sub-camp record. List validates against the ZZ_YESNO lookups values.
CreationDate The date the record was created.
CreatedBy The user that created the record.
LastUpdateDate The date the record was last updated.
LastUpdatedBy The user that last updated the record.
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