Person Organization Relationships

A person organization relationship (POR) assigns a person to a given organization. In order to register for courses or register people for courses, a POR is required. When an active POR is available, the session dashboard will show each organization available to the user.

When a person is created using the Unit User > My People page or Mass Additions, the POR is created automatically. If a person is created under Camp User > People page, the POR must be created manually.

  • Unit User Top Menu > Mass Additions
  • Unit User > My People
  • Camp User > People
  • The start date must begin before the end date. Both must be valid dates. Microsoft SQL Server defaults empty dates to 01/01/1753 for the beginning of time, and 12/31/9999 for the end of time. These dates will be defaulted in the database record if left blank.
  • Active Person is required.
  • Active Organization is required.
  • The POR can only exist once for a given person and organization.
Structure Definition
Person Organization Relationship Attribute Definition
PersonOrgRelID Unique identifier of the Person Org Record
PersonID Person ID of the person being assigned.
PersonFullName Full name of the person being assigned.
OrganizationID Organization ID of the organization that the person is being assigned to.
ActiveFlag Active Yes or No
StartDate The beginning date the assignment should be active.  This should be the date you want a person to show up for course registration.
EndDate The end date the assignment should be active.  This should be the date you want a person to end an assignment to an organization.
CreateDate The date the record was created.
CreatedBy The user that created the record.
LastUpdateDate The date the record was last updated.
LastUpdatedBy The user that last updated the record.

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