Organization Information

An organization is top grouping of all units, regions, camps, and events. People are assigned to organizations through a person organization assignment.

  • Admin - Organizations
  • Organization Code Must be Unique
  • The start date must begin before the end date. Both must be valid dates. Microsoft SQL Server defaults empty dates to 01/01/1753 for the beginning of time, and 12/31/9999 for the end of time. These dates will be defaulted in the database record if left blank.
  • Must have a valid license.
Organization Definition
Organization Attribute Definition
OrganizationID Unique ID of the Record
OrganizationCode Unique code that describes the organization.
OrganizationName Name of the Organization
OrganizationDesc Description of the Organization
Attribute1 Attribute1
Attribute2 Attribute2
Attribute3 Attribute3
Attribute4 Attribute4
Attribute5 Attribute5
Attribute6 Attribute6
Attribute7 Attribute7
Attribute8 Attribute8
Attribute9 Attribute9
Attribute10 Attribute10
ActiveFlag Activates or inactivates the organization record. List validates against the ZZ_YESNO lookups values.
StartDate The date the organization becomes active.
EndDate The date the organization becomes inactive.
CreationDate The date the record was created.
CreatedBy The user that created the record.
LastUpdateDate The user that last updated the record.
LastUpdatedBy The user that last updated the record.
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