Course Requirement Information

Course requirements are the activites that are performed during each course at camp. Course requirements are specific to each course and must be loaded via a mass addition template.

  • Camp Admin - Course Reqs
  • The camp must be associated with the organization.
  • The department must be associated with the organization and camp.
  • The course must be associated with the organization, camp, and department.
  • Sequence Number must be numeric.
  • The sequence number must be unique for an organization, camp, department, and course.
  • The requirement code must be unique for an organization, camp, department, and course.
Course Requirement Definition
Course Requirement Attribute Definition
CourseRequirementsID Unique ID for the Course Requirement.
OrganizationID Organization ID for the course requirement.
CampID Camp ID for the course requirement.
DepartmentID Department ID for the course requirement.
CourseID Course ID for the course requirement.
SequenceNo Unique number used to order the course requirements when printing them on reports.
RequirementType Validated against the XX_COURSEREQTYPE Lookup values.  Requirements are typically pre-requisites, requirements, or post-requisites. 
RequirementCode Unique code for the course requirement.
RequirementName Name of the course requirement.
RequirementDesc Description of the course requirement.
Attribute1 Attribute1
Attribute2 Attribute2
Attribute3 Attribute3
Attribute4 Attribute4
Attribute5 Attribute5
Attribute6 Attribute6
Attribute7 Attribute7
Attribute8 Attribute8
Attribute9 Attribute9
Attribute10 Attribute10
ActiveFlag Activates or Inactivates the course requirement.
CreationDate The date the record was created.
CreatedBy The user that created the record.
LastUpdateDate The date the record was last updated.
LastUpdatedBy The user that last updated the record.
DefaultCompletionStatus This status is the status that will be transferrred to course completion.  It gives the user flexibility to say a requirement will either be complete or incomplete.
PreserveCompletionStatus This value is used to preserve the completion status in the course completion module.  A camp user has the ability to update all the requirements for a course at one time to either complete or incomplete.  If preserve completion status is set to Yes, the status of the completion status is not changed by the mass update.  It is helpful when there are requirements that for sure will not be completed until after camp has been attended.  For example, attending a court session after taking a law course at camp.
CourseCompletionTransfer This status transfers the requirement to course completion when the course is set to detail for transfer and this flag is yes.
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