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Welcome to Summer Camp Systems online documentation. Our help tutorials are broken down into groups by role within the application. Most sections have a Getting Started page where step-by-step instructions can be reviewed.

  • Unit User is the primary help for the Unit User role. The getting started link is key for new users of the application. It is step-by-step instructions on how to register a unit for summer camp.
  • Camp User is the primary help for the Camp User role. It discusses additional functions of the camp user as well as builds on the Unit User features.
  • Camp Administration is the primary help for the Camp Admin role. It discusses the functions of a camp administrator.
  • Application Administration is the primary help for the Administration role. It discusses administration topics, and it includes a getting started checklist for initial setup.
  • The General section includes general topics, and it includes a section on struction information. For example, if you would like to understand the fields in the person struction and the validations that occur when a person is added or updated, this information is available in this area.
  • The Parents section has information for parents, which is making payments.
  • The Individual sections describes how to use individual registration.
  • The Technical Documents section contains various technical information such as database structions, seeded values, and special considerations.
  • The Templates section has information to perform mass addition imports and downloadable CSV templates.
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