Understanding Course Completion

As of version 2.2, Course Completion is the latest module within the Summer Camp Systems suite. It allows a camp to track and complete individual completion status for each attendee of a course. Prior to this release, this was a manual paper-based process using the course application report, course requirements checklist report, or course application with requirements reports.

In order to use course completion, the XX_REGCOMPLETIONSTATUS system parameter must be enabled before the registration process begins. A system parameter load template can be downloaded from here to enable course completion. In addition, the following functions need to be determined.

  • Course Records must be updated to transfer to completion in either summary, detail, or N/A. Summary means that only a record for each attendee will be created in course completion. It will be marked as complete or incomplete for the entire course. Detail means that course requirement records will be transferred to course completion. Each course requirement can be marked as complete or incomplete. N/A means the course will not transfer to course completion. The XX_DEFCRSCOMPLETIONSTATUS system parameter can be set to transfer the course in Complete or Incomplete status.
  • If courses are transferred in Detail, each course requirement record must be updated to transfer to course completion. The Course Completion Transfer should be set to Yes to transfer the requirement. The Default Completion Status can be set to Complete or Incomplete. If Preserve Completion is set to Yes, then the automated updates from a camp user will not update the requirement when completing the course.

Once the camp event begins, course registration finalizes meaning each person has a set schedule for the camp event. Once registration is locked, Course Completion can begin. It involves transferring the registration data to the course completion module and then reconciling completion information. The following process can be followed.

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