Late Fee Import Report

The late fee import report provides an event-charge import to apply late fees. The report is executed in real-time and displays all campers based on the following conditions.

  • The event charges balance is greater than zero when running the report.
  • The camper does not have a previously applied late charge.

Important Consideration: The late fee import report does not take into consideration unapplied payments. Thus, unit leaders should move all unapplied payments before the late fee deadline.

Executing The Report
  • Navigation: Camp User - Reports - Late Fee Import
  • Select an organization, camp, event year and event.
  • Download the report is CSV Format.
  • Open the report in a CSV Editor. In the amount column, add a late fee value.
  • Import the late fee import report via Camp User Mass Additions.
Example Report
Late Fee Import Report
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