Course Req Code Checklist

The Course Req Code Checklist Report is designed to provide course instructions with a horizonal checklist of all requirements being taught in a course. It is a simple way for instructors to keep up with who has completed which requirements. The hard copy can be given to camp office staff at the end of the course to complete course completion activities.

Populating The Report Table

This report uses a specific table to present the data. Thus, any changes in Course Requirements require the seed program to be executed.

  • Navigation: Camp User - Other Items - Seed Req Code Checklist
  • Select an organization, camp, event year and event. Click Submit.
  • The program will check each course requirement in the event.
Course Req Code Checklist
  • The report will display three rows up to 54 requirements.
  • Navigation: Camp User - Reports - Req Code Checklist
Example Reports
Course Req Code Checklist