Delete User

Deleting an user removes the user account and roles from the application. In addition, the user preferences record will be deleted. This action cannot be reversed.

Delete User - Webpages
  • Before a user can be deleted, the user account must be removed from the person record.
  • The All Users Report can be used to see a list of user accounts and associated person records.
  • Navigation: Camp User Menu - People
  • Remove the user name from the person record and save.
  • Navigation: Admin - Users
  • Query up the user.
  • Click the Delete link.
  • Acknowledge the warning message. Click Ok to confirm the delete.
  • Confirmation Message is displayed.
Delete Users - Mass Additions
  • The Delete User Template contains both username and email address. Either can be used to delete a user.
  • A mass addition is a bulk import from a comma delimited file. Please review the Mass Addition notes before working with these files.
  • Download a template from the Templates section.
  • Fill out appropriate data. Ensure Insert or Update column is set to !DELETE!.
  • Navigation: Admin Menu - Other Items - Mass Additions
  • Choose an Import Type of Delete User
  • Click the Choose File Button. Navigate to your CSV file.
  • Click Upload File.
  • You should see a message that the file uploaded successfully.
  • It is recommended that you select Validate file first! This will run through the file without loading it and provide any errors, which should be resolved before the file is actually loaded.
  • Click the Process File Button
  • Each record will either be successfully processed or will display an error.
  • Resolve any errors, upload the file again, and validate again. Repeat until all errors are resolved.
  • Once all errors have been resolved, upload the file again, choose Load File, and click the Process File Button.
  • You should receive a success message for each record as it is deleted.
  • If any errors are found, address the errors and be sure to load the errors only in your next upload.