Configuring Course Completion

Course Completion is a module within Summer Camp Systems that allows a camp to provide completion reports to each participant at an event. The process involes transferring the course registration data after event registration is closed to the course completion module.

A Camp User can then update each course completion record to complete or incompletion. Course completion can be processed in two forms - summary and completion. In summary mode, each course is sent to course completion for each person. The course can be marked as complete or incomplete. In detail mode, course and course requirement information can be sent to course completion. Each individual course requirement can be marked as complete or incomplete.

Enabling Course Completion
  • Course Completion must be enabled before event registration begins! It sets a flag on the course registration data, so it is available for course completion transfer.
  • Course Completion can be enabled by updating the XX_REGCOMPLETIONSTATUS system parameter. Attribute1 should be set to INCOMPLETE and Attribute2 should be set to UPDATED. This allows the transfer process to pick up the registration records for completion. The default values are COMPLETED, which means course completion is not enabled. An import template can be downloaded from here to enable course completion.
  • Update the XX_DEFCRSCOMPLETIONSTATUS system parameter to set the default completion status for each course. The default value for this parameter is COMPLETE. Attribute1 should be updated to either COMPLETE or INCOMPLETE. This parameter determines if each person taking a course is loaded as complete or incomplete. Note: this parameter is for summary level only. The detail level is updated on the course requirements.
  • Update the XX_CRSCOMPPOSTINGSTATUS system parameter. The default value is DRAFT, but it can be updated to either PROCESSED or POSTED. Processed means it has been processed by a Camp User, and it is ready for posting. Posting means the completion status is final, and it is available for a Unit User to print completion and/or incompletion reports.
  • Update the Transfer In column on each course. Valid values in the drop down list are N/A, Detail, and Summary. N/A means the course will not be transferred to course completion. Detail means the course and course requirements will be transferred to course completion. Summary means only the course will be transferred to course completion.
  • For the courses that were marked detail, update the course requirements. Default completion status can be set to either incomplete or complete. This is the completion status per requirement that will be transferred. Preserve completion status is either yes or no. If this value is set to yes, a camp user cannot update the completion status automatically from the summary screen. He or she must either perform the udpate from the detail screen or course completion detail mass addition. Course completion transfer is either yes or no. If the value is no, the particular requirement will not transferred to course completion.